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After a brief outage due to a database server name change, we're back online!

We've made a change with our survey offers for ad free icons. There used to be a limitation for only one ad free icon per computer. Now get an ad free icon every 24 hours by filling out a survey each time. Make as many ad free icons as you like!!! Create your AIM Icon now.

Today we've added something new to the rotating icon page. In addition to the picture just rotating on itself, there is a new option that will twist your image. Try out the newly improved Rotating & Twisting Icon Page.

After too much time without updates we have something new, another new icon style! This one tinkers with the colors of your pictures and does some other effects as well. Play around with the new color effects buddy icon creator.

We felt like we were on a roll after making the zooming icon, so we made another new icon style. Try out our rotating icon now.

We asked what you wanted and we heard you loud and clear! The majority of users who submitted feedback agreed and wanted a new icon style. So today we present a new icon style that zooms in and out of a picture. Try out the zooming icon now. We hope you like it.

Pimp My Smiley | Custom Smiley Sign Generator
We just launched a brand new site, Find thousands of the best smileys on the net. There is also a custom smiley sign generator. Check out Pimp My now!

We want your feedback! Please take a minute to fill out our feedback form. We want to provide you with the best experience on our site so tell us what you want.

It's a new month and to celebrate, we've added an icon rating system. Vote on any and all icons here at For the time being, voting is open to all users so be sure to vote on the icons you love and the ones you hate.

Icon tagging is here. Now you can tag your favorite icons and group them altogether. Only registered users can tag icons so register now and start tagging.

We've been having scattered speed and database issues. You might experience some outages but rest assure, we are aware of it and will solve the problems ASAP. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Check out our newest affiliate,

02-26-2008 has added an RSS feed for news and updates. Now you can stay up to date with all of the latest and greatest changes to the site. AddThis Feed Button

02-25-2008 has added a search. Now you can search through the icons that have been created here. Note that only icons that have been added to the gallery will be searched on.

The twinkling icons page has been completely redone. Check out the new overlays and be sure to check back often because more will be added.

01-13-2008 is now on MySpace. Add us as your friend and we'll add you!

Introducing GAMES. has decided to add a games section. As of now, there is just one, Yacht-C, but more will be added. Give it a try.

We have spent some time to make load up faster. In addition, we changed the look of the site.

"Bookmark" any page to sites like, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg etc. The link is at the bottom of every page.

Introducing Glitter Text. Turn any text or phrase into shiny glitter with our easy to use glitter text generator.

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